Tom King Farms Finest Organic Produce
About Dennis Stowell:

All his life Tom King Farms proprietor Dennis Stowell has had a passion for growning things. A farmer with decades of experience, Dennis grows rare varieties of tomatoes, squash, and herbs. He is constantly searching out interesting varieties throughout the world.

A regular participant at San Diego region farmer's markets, Dennis makes a special effort to inform his customers about the special advantages of Tom King Farms produce.

"You have give out samples and it's nice to have articles right in front at the farmers' market, so people get background and history. Usually when they taste it, the older people who grew up on farms in the heartland remember that from their childhood. People who are educated and have a little more savvy about exotic fruit usually know about heirlooms. Once they try it, they're convinced."
Dennis is happy to arrange for product delivery and to answer questions via email at .